Turn your servers into services stars with "The Seven Ways Successful Servers Sell".


How much...

are order takers costing you? Provide the motivation, skills and competencies to inspire your staff to become artful salespersons, experience makers and create lifetime guests.

Join us for this high-energy interactive session in which Bob shares time-tested strategies and tools to build your server team. This award winning program has been seen my literally thousands of servers, bartenders, hosts, owners and managers and has resulted in dramatic measurable results.

These techniques are now part of the selling cultures of major companies in the US and abroad.


You will learn:

  • The Rolodex Technique: Avoid the “yes/no”
  • The “Hook, Line and Sinker”: Build pictures that sell
  • Selling with Senses: Create impulse buying
  • The Guided Tour: Make the menu come alive
  • The Grouping Technique: Create permission buying
  • Story Telling: Add pizzazz
  • The By the Way Technique: Develop savvy selling

The feedback from Bob’s presentation at our Olive Garden GM’s conference was tremendous.
— Drew Madsen, CEO of Darden Restaurants