Bob Brown asks the question: "Does your valet, door, bell, front desk and concierge and PBX team create an extraordinary experience?"


System Tool & Training for the Welcoming Arm of Your Hotel

The first ten minutes of a guest’s check-in experience determines guest loyalty or defection. Does your valet, door, bell, front desk and concierge and PBX team create an extraordinary experience? Or is your staff just performing tasks?


Part 1: Assessment

First hand observation, conducting interviews and reviewing current state performance measurements sets the stage for building tools and delivering training for a service excellence culture.

We will:

  • Observe Present Practices
  • Identify Performance Detractors
  • Identify Complaints and Compliments
  • Review Service Measurements 


Part 2: Manager’s Tools and Systems Writing Workshop

A solid foundation of product knowledge and service and sales practices is essential to create a culture of service and sales excellence.

Both your front line and managers need to be on the same sheet of music - share a common language and possess the tools and systems that create service excellence.

We will:

  • Create Custom Game Plans: Valet, Door, Bell, Front Office, PBX and Concierge
  • Write Sales Dialogue for all Services: Billable and Non-Billable
  • Establish Pre-Shift Guidelines


Part 3: Service Excellence for Lifetime Loyalty

In a world where only superior service ensures loyalty are you and your staff armed with the tools, knowledge and service pizzazz to attract, retain customers for life? Or - are you paying the price of mediocre service?

Participants will learn :

  • The Six Building Blocks of a Service Star
  • The Art of Respectful Phrasing
  • The Six Steps of Handling Customer Complaints
  • The Empathy Tool Box
  • Service Dazzlers 


Part 4: Presentation and Coaching for Star Performance

Every manager - every supervisor knows the importance of great presentations - they make their message come alive, enhance learning and boost morale.

And - every manager also knows the impact of effective coaching - how it “turns talent into performance,” builds guest and employee loyalty, and brings dollars to the bottom line. Yet - these two competencies are two of the most intriguing and difficult to master

Participants will learn:

  • The Ten Ingredients of a Dynamite Presentation
  • The Six Steps of Running a Magnificent Pre-Shift
  • Casting for Star Performance
  • The Six Coaching Strategies for Star Performance
  • The Art of the Coaching Conversation

Bob was the best investment in training in my 16 year career in the hospitality industry.
— Patti O'Keefe, GM - Denver City Center Hotel