Room service is an important differentiator of full-service hotels. Bob provides tools, techniques and strategies to create a culture of In-Room Dining service and sales excellence.


In our high-tech world... 

Guests retreat to work, relax, and dine in the soft touch and privacy of their rooms. And single business travelers are fleeing from the “only one” syndrome of restaurants to in-room dining.

Room service is an important differentiator of full-service hotels. Yet—In-Room Dining is often the “step-child” department—understaffed, under trained and filled with miscast staff.

Does your department face these challenges?

  • Miscast operators with language challenges resulting in lower sales and costly mistakes?
  • Operators who are order-takers and not sales consultants?
  • Servers who “drop and dash,” missing opportunities to delight the guests?
  • Operator areas that our poorly lighted, cluttered, and uncomfortable?
  • Ineffective set-up, delivery, and tray removal systems resulting in cold food, slow service and cluttered hallways?

Address these issues and create a culture of In-Room Dining service and sales excellence.


Part 1: Restaurant Manager’s Tools and Systems Writing Workshop

A sound foundation of product knowledge and service and sales practices is essential in creating a culture of excellence.

Servers and managers need to all be on the same sheet of music - share a common language and must possess the tools necessary to make them successful.

We will:

  • Write “Hook, Line and Sinker “Sales Dialogue
  • Create Glossary
  • Write Server and Operator Sales and 
  • Service Game Plans
  • Write Branded Server Sales and Service Game Plan


Part 2: Building the Sales Cockpit

Does your operator area have poor lighting? Is it cluttered with outdated menus and tattered lists? Turn your operators into sales consultants and not “order-takers with the Sales Cockpit.

We will:

  • Eliminate distracters
  • Create custom sales prompters
  • Construct a comfortable and professional work space
  • Create service and sales dialogue


Part 3: The Seven Ways Successful Servers Sell Seminar

How much will order takers cost you? Provide the motivation, skills and competencies to inspire your staff to become artful salespersons, experience makers and create lifetime guests.

These techniques are now part of the selling cultures of major companies in the US and abroad.

Participants will learn:

  • The Rolodex Technique: Avoid the “yes/no”
  • The “Hook, Line and Sinker”: Build pictures that sell
  • How to Answer the Question: What’s good? Create meal designs
  • The Guided Tour: Make the menu come alive
  • The Grouping Technique: Create permission buying
  • Story Telling: Add pizzazz
  • The By the Way Technique: Develop savvy selling


Part 4: Presentation and Coaching for Star Performance

Every manager - every executive knows the importance of great presentations - they make their message come alive, enhance learning and boost morale.

And - every manager also knows the impact of effective coaching - how it “turns talent into performance,” builds guest and employee loyalty and brings dollars to the bottom line. Yet - these two competencies are two of the most intriguing and difficult to master. 

Participants will learn:

  • The Ten Ingredients of a Dynamite Presentation
  • The Seven Steps of Running a Magnificent Pre-Shift
  • Casting for Star Performance
  • Six Coaching Strategies for Star Performance
  • The Art of the Coaching Conversation

Bob Brown’s knowledge and expertise of the hotel business is unparalleled.
— Tony Laughlin, Resident Manager - Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort